2018 ATLAS  T3  International  Conference 

Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania 

June 3-7, 2018

Prof. Dr. Domingo Adame

Bachelor in Dramatic Literature and Theater by Autonomous National University of Mexico UNAM (1983), Master in Literary Studies by Autonomous University of State of Mexico (1993) and PhD by Iberoamericana University (2001), has followed a course of specialization in performance and theatrical direction in Theater School of Krakow, Poland (1985-86). He has worked as actor, director, professor and theatrical researcher in several institutions of higher education of the country.  From 2001 until now is professor-researcher in Veracruzana University in Xalapa, Mexico.

Is author, between other titles of: The theatrical director interpreter-creator. Proceed hermeneutic having to the dramatic text (1995); Theaters and Theatricalities in Mexico, XX Century (2003); Tribute of the Oxymoron. Introduction in the Theories of the Theatricality (2005); To Comprise the Theatricality (2007) and Knowledge and Representation. A re-learning to the Trans- Theatricality (2009).

Has been Director of the National Centre of Theatrical Research Rodolfo Usigli of The National Institute of Fine Arts (1989-1993), Founder President of Mexican Association of Theater Research (1993), Director of the Theater Faculty of The Veracruzana University (2005-2009), and is Director of the Magazine Theatrical Research of The Veracruzana University and Mexican Association of Theater Research.

His lines of Research are Theater in Mexico, Complexity and Transdisciplinarity and Transtheatre. Member of the National System of Researchers by the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT, Mexico), and of the International Center of Studies and Transdisciplinary Research (CIRET, Paris).